These are just some but not all of the subjects that Alan teaches:

It's Time for the Prodigal's to Come Home     Zec. 3: 1-7  Luke 15: 11-31

It's Time to Stop & Clear Away the Rubble    Neh. 4. + Various Scriptures

God’s Blueprint:              Isaiah 61: 1-4 and Luke 4:16-19, 21.

The Power of Unity:        Psalm 133: Harmony-Accord

Blessing & Curse:            Deut. 11: 26, 30: 15 and James (power of the tongue)

The Fruit of the Spirit:    Gal. 5: 22-23.

The Spiritual Gifts:          1Cor. 12:

Fivefold Ministry:            Eph. 2: 20-22. andEph 4:11 

Authority & Structure      Various scriptures

in the Church:


The Authority of               Various scriptures

the Believer:


 Prayer Ministry & Counseling:  Various scriptures


The power & deception              Various scriptures

of our Perceptions:


Relationship with God:      Back to the Garden -Various scriptures

The Ministry of Deliverance,

Healing & Wholeness:           Various scriptures


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